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“Mountain Valley Hospice made my mom’s last 6 weeks bearable for all. They were so supportive to us and so kind to my mother. The care she received for the 3 days she was in the hospice house was outstanding. They took over and cared for her as if she were their mother. I can’t thank them enough for their care, concern and compassion. At such a difficult time they gave her the care she needed but also allowed us all the private time we needed in mom’s last days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Mountain Valley Hospice is a fabulous organization. The people within are caring and enjoy what they are doing. They are well trained and compassionate people.”

“My mother received the most caring, beautiful, selfless concern for the last 12 days of her life as a patient at Mountain Valley Hospice. It was truly a miracle that she was immediately helped in her greatest time of need in a beautiful place. I am truly grateful for the blessing of hospice. Thank you can’t say enough for your care.”

“Thank you for your support and service during this difficult time. Incredible group of professionals.”

“My wife was in hospice only 2.5 days; however, the staff was very kind and considerate to both me and my wife. It was a painful experience but the staff was most comforting. I was pleased she was in hospice.”

“You gave me the strength I needed. You listened to me and took care of my every wish and gave me everything I needed to make my Love comfortable before crossing over. I would like you all to know she left me peacefully without pain or struggle. We were face to face upon her last breath. She waited till morning so as I slept next to her she did not go until I could be totally with her. I miss her so much, We had a beautiful 257 days together from diagnosis till her passing. It was the strongest love I ever felt. Thank you, love you all. You are truly the angels that walk among us.”

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