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The term hospice refers to an approach to end-of-life care as well as to a type of facility for supportive care of terminally ill patients. Hospice programs provide palliative (care that relieves discomfort but does not improve the patient’s condition or cure the disease), patient-centered care, and other services. The goal of hospice care, whether delivered in the patient’s home or in a healthcare facility, is the provision of humane and compassionate medical, emotional, and spiritual care to the dying.

Mountain Valley Hospice is now Mountain Valley Hospice & Palliative Care.  We have expanded services to offer the best of both worlds! Not ready for Hospice yet? Continue aggressive, curative treatment or experimental drug regimens while still receiving support from our clinical team in your home.

Do you have symptoms you struggle to manage?

Is your quality of life suffering?

Do you see multiple doctors from different specialties?

Are you taking multiple medications that are overwhelming to track and manage?

Have you been to the Emergency Room more than once within a year?

Have you been admitted to the hospital for a “flare up” of one of your conditions?

Let the Mountain Valley Palliative Care team coordinate these complicated pieces of your care for you.  We will personalize your care plan to meet your lifestyle goals and reduce Emergency Room or Hospital visits.

Our nurses and doctors will make your wellness their priority as they collaborate with you to manage your chronic illnesses. 

From emotional support to identifying additional community resources, the Mountain Valley team is available 24/7 to alleviate your worries and remove uncertainty.

Call us to share your personal story.  Allow us to join your journey to share your burden.

We are still Mountain Valley.  And we remain honored to serve you in your home or ours.

Honored to serve you in our home or yours.

Mission – Enhancing the lives of those we serve by honoring what matters most to them.
Vision – To be everyone’s first thought for those in need of comfort, compassion, dignity, and quality of life.
Values – Teamwork, Integrity/Accountability, Empathy, Service
The TIES that bind us together…