Support Groups

Bereavement Counseling


Our Masters-prepared social workers meet free of charge with anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. There is no requirement that the person seeking support is connected to a patient who was on the Mountain Valley Hospice (MVH) service. Sessions take place at the Nancy Dowd Hospice Home in our library or can also be arranged to take place at a convenient community location. For an appointment, call 518-725-4545 or email




Bereavement Group Sessions


The MVH interdisciplinary team hosts a variety of group support sessions for those experiencing a death-related loss. Again, these services are free of charge and do not require a specific connection to a patient who participated in services at Mountain Valley Hospice. For a schedule of group meetings please call 518-725-4545 or email




Soup Group


New in 2018, this is an informal interdisciplinary group that meets over lunch on the MVH campus for supportive conversation and camaraderie. It’s a more informal approach to grief counseling and there is no charge to participate. Reservations for this group are appreciated – please call 518-725-4545 or email




Grief Education at Local School Systems


A sad side effect of society’s escalating violence is the more frequent need for grief support and education for all ages. Our Masters-prepared social workers partner free of charge with local guidance counselors in the neighboring school systems to provide educational resources and mentoring. Our team also offers to meet one-on-one with parents to coach them through the process of getting their children the resources they need to heal. For more information about this special community support, please call 518-725-4545 or email


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